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Prices displayed on this website, and in Jaycar print advertising (including Catalogue), are in the currency according to the customer's geographic location (eg. $NZ for New Zealand and $AU for Australian, etc.). Every effort is made to ensure product description and pricing accuracy, however, Jaycar does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided.
NOTE: UK, USA, and Canadian websites display prices excluding GST and is only relevant for orders placed for shipment outside Australia & New Zealand.

Content on the Site is subject to copyright and possibly other intellectual property rights, which includes things that you may see, read, hear, download or access on or via the Site. You may not alter, reproduce, re-transmit, distribute, display or commercialise the material in any way without written permission from Jaycar Electronics. This includes the use of images and product descriptions.

Discontinued items
Due to the nature of the electronics industry, many products become obsolete or discontinued during the year. Products which fall into this category are flagged as ‘Limited Quantity’. Every effort is made to ensure that these products are removed from the website the moment they become unavailable, however, we can not guarantee that they will be available when you order.

For further information about any of the subjects outlined above, please email the Webmaster.

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