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No products were found that match the keyword(s) . Please try another search keyword.

How to get the most out of your search

Problem: Too many results
A: Be more specific. If you find that your search word has produced too many results, refine your search by adding a descriptive word (adjective). For example, if you were to type in 'LED', you will get over 400 products! However, you can narrow down your search by adding a description word such as 'UV LED' or 'Ultra Violet LED'.

A: Use the non-abbreviated form. Words like 'LED', 'IC', and 'CB' will produce some 'strange' results because they are part of other words. For example, if you type in 'IC', you will get microphones, picture viewers, etc, and not just IC's. Try searching for 'integrated circuit', or 'CMOS IC'.

Problem: Not enough results or nothing found
A: Be less specific. Perhaps you have been too specific in your search. Eg You might have typed '5mm ultraviolet 10uA LED'. This is too specific - try removing some of the words to make your search less specific. Eg '5mm ultraviolet LED' or 'ultraviolet LED'. The best words to be removed are the technically specific ones, like '10uA' or the dimension information like '5mm'.

A: Check your spelling. Everyone makes mistakes! If, for example, you've typed 'doide' instead of 'diode', the search engine will not find it. You can check the spelling of your search by looking at the page that returns the following message: 'No products were found that match the keyword(s) doide. Please try another search keyword.

Also try both the BRITISH and AMERICAN English versions of the words - Eg. 'colour' and 'color', 'analyzer' and 'analyser'.

If you have no luck finding what you want after several search attempts, please let us know by emailing us at

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